What options can I select for my website?

We can mix and match any header, page section, gallery and footer to create the perfect website for you and we'll handle it all from start to finish.

Are you develepment fees fixed?

Yes, our quote will be fixed and based solely on the number of pages and the overall content you have.

Will my site be maintenance free?

Yes, if you opt for an html site no maintenance will be required. Wordpress sites however do require often updates and maintenance.

Do you build apps for mobile phones and tablets?

No, we build sites that are designed to shrink-wrap to fit and look great on all mobile device types and screen sizes.

Mobile apps require expensive ongoing costs with every new phone and tablet release. It is an unnecessary non-stop expense.

How long will it take to finish my site?

About 1 to 2 weeks from the time we receive all of your content which varies depending on the size and complexity of your site.

Do I have to resize my photographs?

No, we’ll take care of all photo resizing. Just give us what you have and we’ll make everything look perfect.

What if I need to update my site in the future?

We can update your site anytime at a reasonable hourly rate or you can opt for a monthly agreement at a low fixed fee to cover all future changes (limited to updating photos, videos and text).

Can the cost be more than what you quote me?

No, we will never ask for more than what we quote you. Our service is straight-forward and transparent.

What if I don’t have a domain.com name?

No worries, we can buy it for you or walk you thru the process, it’s really easy and only costs a few bucks a year.

What is a hosting company?

It is where your site will be uploaded. Think of it as a parking spot for your site.

What if I don’t have a hosting company?

No worries, we can recommend an affordable hosting company, set it up for you and upload your site. We'll take care of everything.

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